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We’re building an

AI Trading Co-Pilot

To turn average traders into 100X traders

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Help to train

the model.

Be the first to benefit.

Humans train AI

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AI helps you trade

Get paid to LEARN, whilst contributing to AI model training.

In return, YOU get access to Koretex Co-Pilot to 100X your trading earlier than anyone else.

What will it do?

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The AI trading copilot will be able to SEE your charts and interact with it.


Your copilot will have data feeds and access to real time information from all over the net.


Give instructions to your copilot in natural language. No more scripts or restrictive platforms.

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Analyze sentiment from social media platforms and financial forums.


Test your strategies against historical data to evaluate their effectiveness.


Execute trades in real-time and manage orders efficiently on your behalf.

+ much much more

How to participate

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Sign up for free in minutes with a referral link to earn a sign up bonus!

Lucky Number Two

Complete courses on trading, from fundamentals to technical analysis.

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Complete various tasks to earn rewards.

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Participate in new activities as they come online to earn even more rewards.

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Tell your friends about Koretex to both get a referral bonus.


When you refer a friend to join

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Access trading

education on your phone anytime,


Apply that training to earn tokens.

$KTX tokens are not yet minted. Token reward balances (KTC) reflect claimable amount at mint.

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“The bite sized training on Koretex is perfect for

learning on the go.”

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“Learning how to trade on Koretex is fun and

accessible. It’s gone from daunting to exciting!”

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“Now instead of mindlessly scrolling social media

I can learn some new skills and hopefully profit.”

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“I used to watch youtube videos but would also get

lost and lose motivation. This has been great.”

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Why learn trading?

In today’s challenging economic landscape, where traditional avenues for prosperity are becoming increasingly competitive and inaccessible, the importance of equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to navigate and succeed in the financial world has never been more important.

By mastering trading skills with Koretex, unlock new possibilities for wealth generation, setting a course for financial success in a rapidly evolving global economy.

Why Koretex

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Open to anyone to participate, from anywhere in the world.

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Flexibility to learn whenever you want.

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We incentivize learning and various tasks on the platform.

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Develop your skills and unlock new tasks and rewards.

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We are invested in your success and here to support.

Level up your trading journey

Not sure how? Learn and Earn!

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Start learning, get earning!

Anywhere. Anytime.

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